Tegg's Nose Photoshoot

08 Jun 2016

After a spectacular recce in May, we were scuppered by flat hazy light one evening in June. But that wasn't bad enough; an unfortunate cyclist was killed and the police had closed the main Macclesfield routes to the site. Despite these setbacks, intrepid members of Stockport Photographic Society found alternative routes, down windy single-track roads, and got there eventually.


Tegg's Nose is a great location for lazy landscape photographers with a long lens. There's a great variety of terrain, all visible from the top and sides of the hill, as well as a few strange objects in the quarry.


We were hoping for a spectacular sunset over the Cheshire Plain, but the nearest we got was a moody mist lingering over Macclesfield and the surrounding countryside. Unpreturbed, we got creative.


There was some discussion about the merits of Photoshop's "de-haze" filter, but maybe we should embrace the haze! We tried anyway...


As the fog began to envelop us, and the light started to fail, we cut our losses and retired to the car park. And we tried to work out our next photoshoot location.


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