Photoshoot at Mellor Cross, Cobden Moor

05 Jun 2019

Yesterday evening’s photoshoot at Mellor Cross, on Cobden Moor, was not the washout that most suspected.

Just a few of us turned out, optimistic that the weather forecast was to be trusted, and the heavy rain, under even heavier dark grey skies, would begin to clear.

The optimism paid off, and we had blazing sunny spells breaking through dramatic cloudy skies. See the photos below, taken last night.





Evening Photoshoot at Mellor

23 May 2019

This week’s meeting, on Tuesday 21st May, was a group photoshoot in and around the grounds of St Thomas' church, Mellor. This is an elevated location, with long range views across Greater Manchester and the Cheshire plain towards the Wirral.

We were blessed with sunny skies and good visibility, and as the sun went down, the landscape was a feast of golden colours, perfect for photography, as seen in these images.

mellor 1

mellor 2

mellor 3

mellor 4

mellor 5

Enlightening Lighting Lesson

24 Jun 2017

At our last meeting, on 21st June, our very own Tony Bower (shown in the green shirt) gave an excellent workshop on how to set up and use studio lighting techniques.

NIK 9897 3

With a mixture of tuition to the whole group, and one by one individually, everyone was able to gain a much better understanding of studio lighting and how to adjust their cameras for best results. By the end of the session, everyone was able to take high quality portrait shots, such as the one here of our president, Terry Ottway.

 NIK 9902 2


Film Noir Photoshoot

07 Jun 2017

Tegg's Nose Photoshoot

08 Jun 2016

After a spectacular recce in May, we were scuppered by flat hazy light one evening in June. But that wasn't bad enough; an unfortunate cyclist was killed and the police had closed the main Macclesfield routes to the site. Despite these setbacks, intrepid members of Stockport Photographic Society found alternative routes, down windy single-track roads, and got there eventually.


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Stockport Photo-Walk

23 Jan 2016

Ten of us met on a quiet cloudy evening in Stockport town centre, armed with cameras and tripods.

Stockport Art Gallery

The challenge was to see what would make a good photograph, given the available light, which wasn't great. Most subjects were poorly or unevenly lit, and the lights themselves were much brighter than their surroundings.

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