Photography on a budget. Talk on 9th July by Fiona Hodgkiss

10 Jul 2020

During the pandemic I presented a talk on Zoom, Photography on a Budget. I expect many people have an old camera, or maybe one they recently acquired second hand and could be concerned that they cannot get the results they desire. My advice is to work within your camera's limitations and focus on the photography that it produces well. Be inventive and find ways around your photography problems.

The ultimate issue is 'seeing' a photo. The most expensive latest camera will not take photos if you do not 'see' the photo and have new ideas. I work on the basis that if my eye is drawn to something then it is worthy of a photograph or a project. Something may be out of place or I may see something that makes me feel curious. Of course, many landmarks or beautiful things also need to be photographed. Be observant and be inspired by your everyday surroundings, you might just spot your new project when you are out briefly on an errand. 

I also asserted that mindset is important. It is important to enjoy photography as an activity. Over time one thing has been obvious, if I have passionately enjoyed a location or a project, I have taken far more photos than when I've felt neutral or in a negative mindset.

While I dream of taking a sunset photo showing palm trees at a beach in Hawaii, that is not budget photography! I always thought sunsets look better by water, instead I had a pandemic lockdown challenge where I recorded the sunsets from the bottom of my garden. A view across a playing field towards an industrial area may seem unlikely and not at all picturesque but by paying attention to composition and editing I was able to record a wide variety from the same two fence posts.

Images used in this talk are embedded in this pdf document.

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