3 Way Battle: Bolton, Middleton & Stockport
Thursday 12 December 2019, 19:30 - 22:00

This is a "Matching Images" competition. It is in no way meant as a serious competition, more a fun event just before Christmas. Each club turns up with 30 images.

Basically, Club "A" projects an image, Clubs B and C then have 30 seconds to display a "Matching Image". Matching, is a very loose term, Club A display a Picture of a cow, club B then shows a Chair. The judge may decide they match because they all have 4 legs. Simple, and Fun. Each round there is a point for best image and a point for best match. No image can be used more than once.

Unlike most other events that including judging, audience participation to help the judge decide is encouraged.

Location Bolton Camera Club, St Osmund's Church Hall, Long Lane, Bolton, Lancashire. BL2 6EB

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