4-way Battle: Sale, MAPS, Davyhulme and Stockport. - Theme is 'Flight' - Judged by Sheila Giles
Tuesday 05 November 2019, 19:30 - 22:00

Subject: Flight

Judge: Sheila Giles DPAGB AV-AFIAP


  1. 10 Print images and 10 Digital images to be entered from each club.
  1. No more than 3 images from any one club member in each section.
  1. Each image will be marked out of 20.
  1. The winning club will be the one with the highest cumulative total in both categories.
  1. A best print and best digital image will be awarded by the Judge.
  1. All prints must be mounted. The maximum mount size is 50 x 40 cm and the minimum visible print size is 28cm x 10cm. Prints with window mounts must have a backing board the same size as the front mount. The mount thickness must not exceed 4mm.
  1. All prints must have a print number, title and author’s name on the back of the print.
  1. A digital version of the prints must be supplied using the same format rules as for digital image entries (see below).
  1. Digital images must be in JPEG format, ideally with a maximum width of 1600 pixels, a maximum height of 1200 pixels (but we can adjust for 1400x1050).  To ensure accurate rendering please use sRGB colour space. Images that do not fill the 1600 x 1200 pixels space do not need to be extended with a background colour.
  1. Filename nomenclature convention required will follow along with submission dates.  However, I am hoping to enable a remote on-line entry system.  If all else fails I’ll use WeTransfer or Drop-box.  Submission deadline will be October 25th
Location St George's Parish Rooms, Buxton Road, Stockport SK2 6NX

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