City Light - a talk by Dave Butcher
Tuesday 14 May 2019, 19:30 - 22:00

The first half is a large section of 45 photographs of cities from my 4th book City Light. The second half is in 2 sections and is mainly landscapes. It starts with the 205 mile Alpine Pass Route that crosses 17 of the high passes across the central Swiss Alps from near Liechtenstein to Montreux in Switzerland. The lecture finishes with New Zealand landscapes and a few cities from the region such as Auckland, Sydney and Hong Kong.

There is quite a bit on composition and what I look for in a good black and white photograph, as well as what I leave out.  Most of the black and white images were taken on Mamiya 7 cameras using Ilford FP4 Plus 120 film to give 7 x 6 cm negatives.  Ilford Photo once again very generously supplied several hundred sheets of Ilford Multigrade fibre based paper and Ilford chemicals, for me to make the prints. Mostly 20 x 16 inch borderless prints, with a few 24 x 20 inch prints.

85 prints.

All monochrome split-grade darkroom prints.

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