Dr Michael Pritchard FRPS visits Stockport

29 May 2017

pritch tezzaRPS Chief Executive Dr Michael Pritchard FRPS with Stockport PS President Terry Ottway

The Spring into Photography series of events around the 125th Annual Exhibition culminated on Saturday with a fascinating presentation by Dr Michael Pritchard, FRPS, Chief Executive of the Royal Photographic Society. That was followed by the presentation of the certificates and trophies awarded to the best photographs in the Annual Exhibition.

Dr Pritchard took us on a whistle stop tour of the history of cameras, from before Daguerre of 1839 to the latest digital cameras and smartphone. He showed how changes in camera technology are associated with jumps in manufacturing capability, how cameras have evolved from expensive devices for the few to ubiquitous devices today (smartphone cameras). The talk was also illustrated with iconic photographs captured with those cameras.

Stockport Photographic Society was delighted and honoured to have such a wonderful talk from a prestigious member of the photographic community.

Dr Pritchard was then generous enough to give out the certificates and trophies for the best photographs in the Annual Exhibition.

The presentation was at the Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery which is also the home of the 125th Annual Exhibition. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s still open until 5pm on Tuesday the 30th May.

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