2020 Ad Hoc Competition: Terry Hewitt’s Theme

16 Jul 2020

Lockdown is providing some interesting challenges, making us think differently about our photography and of course the programme for the society.

So Tuesday night (16th July) saw the first in a series of Ad-Hoc competitions (no prints) with the theme chosen by a different member and of course held over zoom.

I got to go first and the theme was to present up to 3 images based upon any of the lectures in June and July from both Stockport & Bramhall lectures.

To help people here is a list of lectures that are covered by the dates.

You will see that the theme is quite open ended.


Host  Club



9th June

Stockport PS

Fiona Hodgkiss

My Photography

16th June

Stockport PS

Recording from EOS Academy

Essential Guide to Low Light and Interior Photography

17th June

Bramhall PS

Derek Gale

Macro Photography

23rd June

Stockport PS


Post Processing Challenge Results & Explanations

30th June

Stockport PS

Rory Lewis

Recording of Rory Lewis Seminar on Portraits

 1st July

Bramhall PS

Brian Worley

Prints and Projected Images

7th July

Stockport PS

John Kimber

Extreme Macro - the Art of Patience


Anyway we got 34 entries from 12 people and we used PollUnit to all score each of the images out of 10. People were allowed score their own images any way they wanted. Each voter gave each image a score  between 0 and 10, and the  images were then ranked by their average scores.

A new feature of this competition was that after announcing the scores we went through each image with the photographer talking about how they created the image and members giving constructive feedback on the image, lots of helpful tips and tricks to improve the image, and give ideas to the others.

Me – well my best image was ranked 16th. Ah well better luck next time.

An entertaining and informative session for all. I learnt a lot and saw some great photographs.


Winner was Terry Ottway with Common Red Soldier Beetle

 coomon red soldier beetle

2nd Place: Grasshopper by Dave Hastings

 Grasshopper by Dave Hatings

3rd Place: House Fly by Dave Hastings

House fly by Dave Hastings

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